Building uBitx in Nextion Case 3.5 & 5 Inches

Now we have available is stock the uBitx case for Nextion Display 3.5 Inch And 5 Inch added to the existing case for 2.4 and 2.8 inch Nextion Displays. This new case for builders who have some experience with soldering and willing to wire the set with instructions through some pictures and write ups. The […]

Led Board TX RX

There is a tiny board provided with the case for mounting on the front panel. The parts required are . led with 3 pins. 2 anode on left and right and center is cathode. Resistors between 1k to 10k use as per per intensity of light required, Relimate connector 2 pin L type pins Schematic […]

First uBitx

These pictures are of my first ubitx which was constructed without the front panel board, The analogue and digital wires are soldered directly on the stereo sockets. This method can also be used if you do not wish to use the front panel board. This method is only for experienced builders. During that time I […]

complete wiring front panel

Front Panel Board

Front Panel Stereo Sockets Board for ubitx with our universal case for ubitx uBitx Panel Board For Stereo Sockets  The front panel board for stereo sockets is meant to connect with the Analog and  Digital pins on the ubitx board, this board works for the ubitx version 3 and 4 boards. The layout of the board […]

back panel complete

Digital Adapter Board

The Digital  Adapter kit has been added to the case so that some functions can be used with the ubitx. The digital adapter has: 2 stereo Connectors 2.5 mm. These connectors are for any use that you may find . USB connector. This could be very useful as it could be used to upgrade the software […]

Power Adapter board and components

Power Board

Kits parts for constructing the power adapter for ubitx case. 1 PCB for power adapter 2 On Off switch. 3. Fuse holder. 4. D C Socket. 5. Relimate wire 3 pin. In picture above also shown the SO239 antenna connector and Rg174u cable for antenna. Step 1 solder diode IN4007 on pcb as in picture. […]


Disclaimer  website has been launched for providing information on the ubitx ssb,cw tcvr , universal case for ubitx and bitx its accessories and other useful items that are used in ubitx. Disclaimer. is a website just to provide information on ubitx tcvr and case and accessories for ubitx. is maintained by Sunil Lakhani […]