Building uBitx in Nextion Case 3.5 & 5 Inches

Now we have available is stock the uBitx case for Nextion Display 3.5 Inch And 5 Inch added to the existing case for 2.4 and 2.8 inch Nextion Displays.

This new case for builders who have some experience with soldering and willing to wire the set with instructions through some pictures and write ups.

The new case has a different design from the earlier one. The case is divided into two sections the first bottom cover has placement for speaker and lithium or Lipo Battery. The Lipo battery would be a better choice. For illustration purpose we have used a lithium battery. The battery can be secured on the case with suitable fitting. Since there are various batteries we did not make any particular fittings accessories for the case, we have left it for the builder to make according to his plans.

The power on off switch is mounted on the front panel, it is a rocker switch. The switch positions are as  Top : Battery supply to tcvr   Center: OFF  Bottom position +12 Volts from external supply through DC socket.

When you would like to charge the battery then keep the Rocker switch is center position which is off and the toggle switch on rear panel on +12 Battery position. The same DC socket is used for supplying 12 Volts to the set as well as charging the Battery.

A 12 Volts Fan and new heat sink bigger in size are provided for using Digital Modes.

A 5 watts audio amplifier is provided with chip LA4424 . A preset 10K on audio amp board needs to be adjusted for level of audio max required, while the 10K potentiometer which is although on the Audio amp board but is connected with the ubitx main audio amp, a 3 pin relimate connector is connected between the audio board mounted 10K and the front panel boards point of connection for 10K Potentiometer . Use this 10K pot on Front Panel to control audio gain.

AGC and S.Meter is provided and instructions are provided as how to connect the AGC.

The audio amp input is taken from the pre audio ubitx amp as shown in pictures .

A provision is made for another 10K control on the Front Panel for mic gain if one would like to use it, but we have not provided any circuit for it as yet,we shall be working on it.

So I have given some details in a nutshell , i shall be updating with more details mainly pertaining to wiring harness of the set.

Kindly find some pictures below for reference.











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